Improving the Health & Safety of all Emergency Responders

2017 Firefighter Safety Stand Down

The Phoenix (Arizona) Metropolitan Area Fire Departments Regional Safety Committee, called the Valley Safety Officers, have produced additional materials for this year’s Firefighter Safety Stand Down week.

The National FF Safety Stand Down has been designed so that we dedicate one week to place a spotlight on FF Safety, Health, and Survival. Although Safety, Health, and Survival should be a main focus for all of us every day, this week encourages the departments an opportunity to review some important materials and discuss, as a crew and/or battalion, how they will continue to strive to improve in these areas.

This Year’s Valley Safety Officer’s Main Topic is:

Reducing the Risk of Cardiac Disease and Cardiac Events for FFs

Firefighter Life Safety Initiative #6 – Medical & Physical Fitness

The Valley wanted to share their Stand Down concept and materials with our FDSOA members.

Valley’s FF Safety Stand Down Resources