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Attorney Offers Frank Advice on Apparatus Safety, Purchasing

Brad Pinsky spoke to firefighters and manufacturers about laws involving fire apparatus design and safety.

March 15, 2018

“Who is going to hold you accountable if not the lawyers?” Brad Pinsky, attorney and fire chief, asked at the recent annual Fire Department Safety Officers Association’s Apparatus (FDSOA) Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ.

Pinsky’s presentation, “Legal Issues: Regarding Apparatus Design” offered a number of hard-hitting questions that prodded attendees and manufacturers alike to honestly consider how serious they were about safety in their department.

An attorney with over 20 years representing more than 500 fire departments and ambulance services throughout New York State, Pinsky also serves as fire chief of the Manlius Fire Department, a combination fire department in upstate New York.

In his presentation, Pinsky included numerous examples and statistics of fatalities and serious injuries that occur repeatedly in fire departments that are preventable and are often the result of ignoring signs or alerts of potential problems. He stated, “Learning about cancer and learning about firefighter suicide is not the same as taking action steps to reduce risk.”

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