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Why Cancer Is the Number One Killer of Firefighters

It’s not the flames or even the smoke. It’s the toxins that escape during a fire that are causing high cancer rates among the nation’s firefighters.

In the new film “Only the Brave,” 19 members of the elite Granite Mountain Hotshots, a skilled team of firefighters from Arizona, die when a bolt of lightning ignites a fire and entraps the men.

The real-life deaths of these men, who’ve been called the Navy SEALs of firefighting, is how many people still think most firefighters die.

But a surplus of new evidence shows that it’s not just the flames themselves or the inhalation of smoke that’s taking our firefighters in historically large numbers.

It’s the toxic and often carcinogenic soot that’s left behind on the fire gear and the firefighters themselves.

In fact, neither heart disease nor lung disease is the number one killer of firefighters in 2017.

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