Improving the Health & Safety of all Emergency Responders

As of January 1st, 2016

The FDSOA is revising the continuing education/re-certification process, and removing the “expiration date” on certificates. The revision and adopting of  NFPA 1521-2015 Standard for Fire Department Safety Officer prompted this decision.

The ISO standard was updated coinciding with the release of David Dodson’s Fire Department Incident Safety Officer, 3rd Edition.

The HSO standard was also updated. The FDSOA has chosen Angles 4th Edition, Occupational Safety and Health in the Emergency Services as the reference document.

In order to certify to the new standard, individuals must take the revised, 2015 standard, test and submit proof of competency in the  job performance requirements described in NFPA 1521.

The FDSOA has begun testing and certifying based on the new reference and standard.

In the past, re-certification was misunderstood and individuals believed they were certifying to the new revision of the standard by submitting proof of continuing education units and fire service experience.

The term re-certification is being replaced with the term “continuing education to maintain competency“. Maintaining competency is necessary in an ever changing fire service.

There are partners and procedures available that will allow individuals to personally verify their ongoing training as an ISO or HSO by completing continuing education. The FDSOA has several stakeholder associations that offer continuing educational opportunities.

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