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Evolving Extrication – Fire Apparatus

Richard Marinucci

Richard Marinucci
FDSOA Executive Director

Auto extrication requires teamwork, practice, staffing, and the proper tools. The job is getting more complex as automobiles and other vehicles on the road have more options and variances.

This challenges firefighters and officers who act as incident commanders to continually learn as much as they can while struggling to find the time to prepare for all types of emergencies. Regardless, organizations that want to make a difference must commit to improvement through preparation. This includes staying current on the latest tools and finding opportunities to practice, preferably on newer vehicles.

Extrication Objectives

There are two main objectives for extrication: rapidly removing and properly treating the injured. Both require skills, though not necessarily the same ones. Treatment probably is the more frequent application as medics, emergency medical technicians, and first responders take care of patients regardless of how they suffered the trauma. Extrications are generally not as frequent and therefore require more practice to obtain and maintain competence. To make it even more challenging, many crashes today involve fewer entrapments because of improvements in vehicle construction.

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