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EVT Testing – F1 and F2 Information


There is a separate registration and fee for testing in addition to the cost of the course.

Students taking EVT exams must apply to  21 days prior to testing (no walk-in testing)

New EVT exams cost is $60.00 US ea.
EVT Re-certification exams are $35.00 US ea.

Level 1 Fire Apparatus Technician

EVT F1 – Maintenance, Inspection, & Testing of Fire Apparatus exam

EVT F2 – Design and Performance Standards of Fire Apparatus exam

Canadian Equivalency – Canada has specific requirements for mechanics. Canadian applicants may substitute copies of an equivalent Provincial License in place of ASE certification to meet the requirements for level certification.

NOTE: (Books & study material for EVT testing)

Learning Objectives and Reference Materials list for each exam can be referenced at, then click on “exams and preparation”, then scroll down list to the exam(s) you are interested in and print out the page.

Testing will be held at the end of the thrid day of training.

MFES or FDSOA will supply a designated proctor approved by EVT CERTIFICATION COMMISSION, INC. only, NO EXCEPTIONS.