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A NEW program for Incident Safety Officers who have completed FDSOA ISO Training

Building on the outstanding training programs developed by Dave Dodson, The 5 Reads is a class developed by the Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) for Company Officers, Incident Safety Officers and Chief Officers where they can learn to take their ability to Read 5 Critical Factors at any emergency response to the next level. The class will review and emphasize the significance of The 5 Reads which include:

  • Risk: Identification, Evaluation, Prioritization, Mitigation, and Monitoring
  • Buildings: Type, Era, Use, Size, Related Hazards and Predicting Collapse
  • Smoke: Volume, Velocity, Density, Color, Influencing Factors, and Predicting Fire Behavior
  • Hazardous Energy: Thermal, Mechanical, Wind, Chemical, Electrical, Water
  • Firefighters: Capabilities, Mental and Physical Status

Using the key information gained from reading those 5 Critical Factors plans can be formulated and actions taken to insure both effective and safe emergency response operations.

Some comments from class attendees that confirms the value of the class:

  •   “A real world look at how to manage the fireground from people that have been there.”
  •  “It was a great program for firefighters that don’t run a lot of fires or operate as a full-time ISO.”  
  •  “This is a program that should be offered outside the FDSOA conference, so more firefighters have access to the very valuable information.”

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The class is a one day, 8 hour class – contact the office for more details

If you are interested in hosting a class – please contact the FDSOA Office:   248-880-1864 /  

Click here to view an informational video on THE 5 READS and all it has to offer!!


Stay Tuned – more classes on the way……