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There is going to be a National Fire Service Behavioral Health Symposium in Denver on September 5 and 6, 2019 – it’s a big deal – and you are invited. Link below to see the presenters and the agenda. 

In 2018, the First Responder Center for Excellence (NFFF affiliate) convened a collaborative group of fire service leaders from the IAFF, IAFC, FDNY and many others as well as, constituency organization representatives, behavioral health practitioners, and academic and corporate researchers with a common goal of firefighter behavioral health awareness. 

As a result, the Fire Service Behavioral Health Symposium, the first event of its kind, will be held in Denver, Colorado on September 5 and 6 of 2019. The objective of this meeting is to review, before a broad fire service audience, the current state of research as it relates to behavioral health in the fire service, and to support knowledge transfer of best practices related to behavioral health programs in the fire service.

The goals of the symposium are:

  1. To provide researchers with an opportunity to deliver the latest information that science can tell us regarding behavioral health in the fire service to a broad audience. 
  2. To disseminate best practices that will enable fire service attendees to transition the known scientific evidence about behavioral health into actionable activity at the department level.
  3. To provide fire service attendees with an opportunity to have an open dialogue with researchers and clinicians to discuss pertinent issues and receive first hand recommendations and best practices related to behavioral health awareness and treatment programs at the local level.
  4. To enable researchers to gather feedback from primary stakeholders and solicit information regarding needs for future fire service behavioral health research.

Over the two days, presentations and workshops will cover current research, key behavioral health program components, coping strategies, presumptive legislation, and other relevant topics. The Fire Service Behavioral Health Symposium, by raising awareness, will help to disseminate usable information, that can be implemented at the department level. Registration is $100 complete, for both days. 

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Behavioral Health Symposium Registration

Also, they recently released a number of free downloadable behavioral health training modules HERE:

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