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An extreme close call yesterday when South Portland (Maine) Firefighters were training with a their new $1.1 million ladder truck and they hit a power line with the truck’s aerial device. The contact with the electrical line caused a fire to the new truck’s front right tire and shorted the controls of the aerial, keeping the firefighters from moving the extendable ladder away from the line. Thankfully, no Firefighters were hurt.

There is some history due to the nature of aerial ladders-and location of power lines. We pulled a few related report for your review as Firefighters have been injured & killed in the Line of Duty due to incidents such as this-during training, fire operations as well as public events.

We are thankful that none of the SPFD Firefighters were hurt and use this opportunity to share some history -and the opportunity to pause-and learn-with all members of you can pass it on to your members as well. 


Kentucky Fire Captain Killed, Firefighters Shocked-Near Electrocution:

Pennsylvania Fire Captain Electrocuted At Fire Scene On Aerial-LODD

California Firefighters Shocked-Near Electrocution:

Massachusetts Firefighters Shocked:

Virginia Firefighters Shocked When Aerial Hits Power Lines

Aerial Ladder Operations & Power Lines- Tips From Lt Mike Wilbur, FDNY (Ret)


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