Improving the Health & Safety of all Emergency Responders
Brian S. Gettemeier
The fact of the matter is line of duty deaths in the United States are still occurring at an alarming rate.   In the past decade we have seen the numbers drop from an average of 100 to about 75.  Tragically there are some re-occurring themes, firefighter’s continually becoming injured or killed in incidents similar to ones that have already occurred.   A close friend of mine, Assistant Chief Steve Rinehart Maryland Heights (MO) Fire, says “There is no greater respect to a fallen brother than to learn from their tragedy and no greater disrespect than to allow the same tragedy to happen again”

We all have growth opportunity. We can all learn from others.   Take professional football players for example. They represent an elite class of football players, where only a very select few will make it to the big leagues.   However, after a game they review film.  Even being a top player in the world they understand there is always an opportunity to grow by studying past behavior.

The calendar for 2017 represents the game film of the fire service.  Incidents that have forever changed a department, a community, and many families.   Incidents that we as the Fire Service promised we would never forget.

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