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Grass and Brush Fires – Fire Apparatus

Grass and Brush Fires

Richard Marinucci Richard Marinucci

Wildland fires within the wildland urban interface (WUI) are major events that require special training, equipment, and strategies. Many urban and suburban firefighters have no chance of ever responding to these calls.

But, many will go to much smaller grass and brush fires, especially in mid to late summer when rainfall is less frequent. These calls are not especially complex, but complacency can set in and create challenges. It pays to prepare by reviewing basic concepts.

In many firefighters’ response districts, there are few large areas of grass or brush. As a result, departments give little attention to these incidents as they are perceived as more of a nuisance than a threat. In most cases, they are correct. With all the responsibilities that are part of a well-run department, there often is not time to do everything, so there is a prioritization of incidents. But, all organizations should at least briefly review their operations on these calls so that complacency does not set in.

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