AVON — The new training room at the Washington Township Government Center was filled with 30 fire officers from across the state last week, here for a unique opportunity.

Washington Township-Avon Fire Department Fire Training and Safety Division Chief John Shafer said thanks to the new space, a two-day Incident Safety Officer (ISO) Academy was offered with the Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA).

“I saw a national press release that they were going to be doing these academies around the nation, and the closest one I saw was a long ways away,” Shafer explained. “I thought it was something we needed to get here to give these guys the opportunity to attend.”

Because Shafer teaches nationally, he reached out to a contact with Firehouse Magazine, also a supporter of the academy, and found out that host locations were still needed for the classes.

“When you see something you want, you’ve just got to go after it,” Shafer said. “This wouldn’t have been an opportunity for them otherwise.”

With fire officers coming from throughout Indiana, and even one from Tennessee, Shafer said the new training room was perfect for the class.

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