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This free poster gives suggestions on how to help someone who is struggling
The acronym ACT reflects three simple, yet powerful, steps to Ask how someone is feeling, show that person you Care about their well-being and Take them to get the help they need,” explained Chief Ron Siarnicki, Executive Director of the NFFF. “The concept was based on recommendations from our Suicide Meeting in October of 2014 to adapt the Army’s ACE program for the fire service.

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ACT: Help a Firefighter Struggling with Suicidal Thoughts

Ask. Care. Take.

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Things to Consider:

  • Calling them today.
  • Asking how they are doing after that call.
  • Grabbing a cup of coffee with them after your shift.
  • Encouraging them to get some help or support.
Get Posters for Your Firehouse

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Get Posters for Your Firehouse

Download the Poster


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK