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2022 Safety officer of the year

2022 FDSOA Safety Officer of the Year Nomination Form

FDSOA has created its own annual Safety Officer of the year award.

Nomination period is Oct 4, 2022 thru Oct 31, 2022

Anyone can nominate a Safety Officer that meets the following criteria:

  • Must be an active member of the FDSOA
  • Must have at least two years experience in the role of a safety officer
  • Must hold official ISO and/or HSO certification through an accredited agency

A letter nominating the safety officer and explaining why he or she is nominated for this award, as well as any supporting information, should be included with the completed entry form and e-mailed to programs@fdsoa.org by Oct 31, 2022.

Supporting information should include relevant training and certifications. It may also include any specific actions by the candidate that would support the nomination.

Download and complete the entry form here.

Winner will be selected by Nov 7, 2022

Our intent is to announce to the winner at our annual 2023 Health and Safety Conference

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