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2017 Apparatus Symposium

January 16-18 (half day)

Pre-Con January 15th


Basics of Specifications Writing (4hrs) with Mike Wilbur and Tom Shand


Fire Pump and Accessories with Proper Pump Testing (4hrs) with Brian Brown

Why is fire pump and pump testing so important?

brianbrown-southmetroIt’s easy to stand at the panel and flow water, but what really makes it work? Why does a small willow leaf on the intake screen of the fire pump restrict the flow by as much as 10%? How many departments do annual pump testing per NFPA 1911? How many departments do acceptance testing for new apparatus at their location and elevation before they accept the truck and write the check?

Brian Brown, South Metro Fire Rescue’s (SMFR) Fleet Services Bureau, will answer these questions to help departments understand the process, the purpose, knowledge and keep their trucks, crews and department out of a potential safety/liability issue.

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2017 Safety Forum

January 18-20 (half day)

Pre-Cons on 16th and 17th

 Pre-Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda

Monday and Tuesday Pre-Con

ISO Academy with Dave Dodson and Shadd Whitehead

HSO Academy with Steve Raynis and Dan Melia

Tuesday Only Pre-Con (3 hrs)

Train the Trainer, ISO/HSO Instructor – Must be certified to the 2015 NFPA Standard to register for this pre-con.

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Wyndham Orlando Resort I-Drive  ($145/nt)

Orlando, FL

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2018 Event Information

Planning ahead or working on your 2018 budget?
2018 events will be held in Scottsdale, AZ, January 15th – 19th, 2018.

Scottsdale Plaza Resort (7200 N. Scottsdale Rd., AZ  85253)  —  Guest rooms start at $179

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Latest News and Information from FDSOA

The Safety Officers’ role in Cancer Prevention

The Safety Officers’ role in Cancer Prevention What is the role of the Safety Officer in preventing firefighter exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens and toxins? Research has conclusively linked certain types of cancers to firefighting. The Fire Department Safety...

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Firefighter Training: Down Firefighter CPR

Firefighter Training: Down Firefighter CPR 12/13/16 The Firefighters Support Foundation (FSF) has released two more firefighter training programs--one on firefighter CPR, another focusing on a carry for removing a down firefighter. "Our Rapid Intervention Team CPR...

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The Fire Department Safety Officer Tribute

While firefighters strive to get the job done, the fire department safety officer ensures we’re #1.
While operating on a scene, from above or below, survival is our mission, starting centuries ago.
The fire department safety officer: that “tap on the shoulder”
Works hard in their job, to ensure we get older.
Operating to remind us, before conditions worsen,
The safety officers mission, albeit it a challenge….each and every person.
Often thankless and difficult, they may feel alone,
But we salute their efforts, to insure we all go home.

By: Billy Goldfeder