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FDSOA and Firehouse partner to offer Incident Safety Officer Academies


The Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) and Firehouse, with the support of VFIS, are partnering to present five Incident Safety Officer Academies across the country. 

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Looking to get certified as a Incident Safety Officer and/or a Heath and Safety Officer?

Check out the upcoming Academies

Interested in hosting an Academy at your department or area – contact us at!

2018 Event Information

30th Apparatus Symposium and the FDSOA Annual Safety Forum
Together again!

2018 events will be held in Scottsdale, AZ, January 15th – 19th, 2018.

Scottsdale Plaza Resort (7200 N. Scottsdale Rd., AZ  85253)
Guest rooms start at $179

Join us for our

30th Annual Apparatus Specifications
& Maintenance Symposium

In cooperation with

January 15-17(ends at Noon), 2018

Pre-conference – Sunday, January 14

Scottsdale, AZ

FDSOA’s Annual Apparatus Symposium is the only conference dedicated to providing a better understanding of fire apparatus and ambulances to the emergency services industry.  Presentations from leading industry figures, as well as apparatus and equipment manufacturers, provide the attendee with a wide range of factual data.  Breakout sessions and networking events provide a forum for sharing personal experiences with your peers.  Last year’s event had 350+ attendees.  We expect even more this time!

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on Monday and Tuesday. Breakfast only on Wednesday.

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Join us for the

FDSOA Annual Safety Forum



Join safety officers from across North America for a week full of education, awareness and networking! All are welcome!

January 17-18, 2018

Pre-conferences – Monday and Tuesday, January 15-16

 Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on Monday and Tuesday for Academy PreCons, and Wednesday and Thursday for Conference.


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Draft Agenda – coming soon

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Emergency Service Vendors

2018 Events Tabletop Information

30th Annual Apparatus Specifications
& Maintenance Symposium


January 15-16, 2018

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 Join us for the

FDSOA Annual Safety Forum


January 17-18, 2018

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Where is the FDSOA going?

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Latest News and Information from FDSOA

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The IAFC and the IAFC Safety, Health and Survival Section working with the FSTAR program is looking for you to provide some quick insight into the needs firefighter medical physicals for career and volunteers.

If you have an interest, influence or have been involved in fire department physical discussions or programs, please take 2 minutes and tell them what you think.



The NFFF is working on our Fire Service Behavioral Health Management Guide, and they are hoping that you can help them with collecting of some resources.

  1. They are looking for samples of SOPs/Protocols/Best Practices that fire departments have concerning behavioral health. Things like EAP confidentiality, peer support team information, etc. They would not use anything in the guide without the fire department’s permission. And they may just adjust some of the language from the documents for use in the Guide.
  1. They are looking to include some first-hand accounts of experiences with behavioral health. These can be anonymous as far as coming from “a fire chief” or “a firefighter” or can be something more specific like “a volunteer fire chief.”

Please, send Rick Best <> any documents or input you may have available to you.

2017 Apparatus Symposium and 2017 Safety Forum

held in Orlando, Florida, are in the books.

It was an awesome week filled with exceptional speakers and awesome networking!!

2017 Safety Forum

Pre-Cons held on 16-17th, Conference January 18-20th, 2017

Attendance increased 20% over 2016

“For one to truly excel, he needs to work on continual learning and improvement,” Rich Marinucci, Exec. Dir., at FDSOA Orlando conferences.

Pre-Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda


2017 Apparatus Symposium

Pre-Cons held on 15th, Conference January 16-18th, 2017

Attendance increased 24% over 2016

Invest a little and gain a lot. The FDSOA Apparatus Symposium attendees invested time and money to learn how to save money on new apparatus, preventive maintenance and extending apparatus life expectancy.



2017 Apparatus Symposium


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2017 Safety Forum


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The FDSOA appreciates our event sponsors!

2017  PLATINUM Sponsors

2017  GOLD Sponsors

The Fire Department Safety Officer Tribute

While firefighters strive to get the job done, the fire department safety officer ensures we’re #1.
While operating on a scene, from above or below, survival is our mission, starting centuries ago.
The fire department safety officer: that “tap on the shoulder”
Works hard in their job, to ensure we get older.
Operating to remind us, before conditions worsen,
The safety officers mission, albeit it a challenge….each and every person.
Often thankless and difficult, they may feel alone,
But we salute their efforts, to insure we all go home.

By: Billy Goldfeder