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2020 – Save the Date

FDSOA Fire Apparatus, Safety and Maintenance Conference
and the
FDSOA Annual Health and Safety Conference

Together again!

January 12-16, 2020   –    Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale Plaza Resort


The FDSOA is committed to providing our members and emergency responders with premier safety, and professional development training.

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A NEW program for Incident Safety Officers
who have completed FDSOA ISO Training

The 5 Reads is a class developed by the Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) for Company Officers, Incident Safety Officers and Chief Officers where they can learn to take their ability to Read 5 Critical Factors at any emergency response to the next level.

 “A real world look at how to manage the fireground from people that have been there.”

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Onsite EVT Training Programs

NEW EVT program, the FDSOA will bring EVT Training Programs to your location—in the USA and Canada. Programs include the most current NFPA compliant, EVT preparatory training with FDSOA-approved EVT Instructors from across North America.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This EVT Training Program is designed specifically for Emergency Vehicle Technicians, but also provides unique criteria for Apparatus Committee Members, Engineers and management.

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ISO and HSO Academies

Looking to get certified as a Incident Safety Officer and/or a Heath and Safety Officer?

Check out the upcoming Academies

Interested in bringing an Academy to your fire department, or to your area – contact us at!

Departments can apply for training grants from the FEMA  Assistance to Firefighters Grants program to receive ISO and HSO certification courses. More information here.

See what Gordon Graham has to say about the importance of the Incident Safety Officer (ISO) and the Health and Safety Officer (HSO)!

Latest News and Information from FDSOA

NFPA Safety Standards News and Update

NFPA Safety Standards News As most of you know, FDSOA is an active participant in the NFPA safety standards consensus process with representation on several technical committees.  The technical committee for Fire Service Occupational Safety and Health (FSOSH) met May...

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Fire Service Behavioral Health Symposium

FROM FIREFIGHTER CLOSE CALLS All, There is going to be a National Fire Service Behavioral Health Symposium in Denver on September 5 and 6, 2019 - it's a big deal - and you are invited. Link below to see the presenters and the agenda.  In 2018, the First Responder...

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FIRST and FDSOA are Taking Safety Culture to the Street

FIRST and FDSOA are Taking Safety Culture to the StreetThe Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) and the Center for Firefighter Injury Research & Safety Trends (FIRST) at Drexel University have partnered to help you FOCUS on your safety...

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Thinking About Truck Company Operations

Fire Apparatus - Digital chief concerns  | Richard Marinucci Thinking About Truck Company Operations So much of what is done as part of firefighting is learned and repeated behavior. Firefighters are trained a certain way to climb a ladder, wear personal protective...

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The Firefighter Cancer Registry Act of 2018

The Firefighter Cancer Registry Act of 2018 requires the CDC to develop and maintain a voluntary registry of firefighters to improve the nationwide monitoring of cancer rates among firefighters and to make the resulting epidemiological information and analysis...

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FDSOA Scholarship winners attend Safety Forum

  Three winners of the Fire Department Safety Officers Association’s (FDSOA) new Safety Forum Scholarship were introduced at the 2019 Safety Forum, January 20st, in Orlando, FL. The winners were Lindsay C. Judah, Orlando, FL; Jeanette Kehoe, Training and Safety...

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Resources for teaching Roadway Safety from ResponderSafety now offers Roadway Safety Teaching Topic Packages to assist instructors, executive officers, fire officers, and safety officers in teaching critical roadway safety and traffic incident management to responders from all agencies. Ten packages covering ten different topics are available



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The Fire Department Safety Officer Tribute

While firefighters strive to get the job done, the fire department safety officer ensures we’re #1.
While operating on a scene, from above or below, survival is our mission, starting centuries ago.
The fire department safety officer: that “tap on the shoulder”
Works hard in their job, to ensure we get older.
Operating to remind us, before conditions worsen,
The safety officers mission, albeit it a challenge….each and every person.
Often thankless and difficult, they may feel alone,
But we salute their efforts, to insure we all go home.

By: Billy Goldfeder