Improving the Health & Safety of all Emergency Responders

2020 – Save the Date

FDSOA Apparatus Specifications & Maintenance Symposium
and the
FDSOA Annual Health and Safety Forum

Together again!

January 12-16, 2020   –    Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale Plaza Resort


See what Gordon Graham has to say about the importance of the Incident Safety Officer (ISO) and the Health and Safety Officer (HSO)!

Looking to get certified as a Incident Safety Officer and/or a Heath and Safety Officer?

Check out the upcoming Academies

Interested in hosting an Academy at your department or area – contact us at!

Departments can apply for training grants from the FEMA  Assistance to Firefighters Grants program to receive ISO and HSO certification courses. More information here.



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Apparatus Symposium
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2019 Health & Safety Forum
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Latest News and Information from FDSOA

FDSOA Scholarship winners attend Safety Forum

  Three winners of the Fire Department Safety Officers Association’s (FDSOA) new Safety Forum Scholarship were introduced at the 2019 Safety Forum, January 20st, in Orlando, FL. The winners were Lindsay C. Judah, Orlando, FL; Jeanette Kehoe, Training and Safety...

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New FDSOA Chairman and Board members

New FDSOA Chairman and Board members The Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) announced Jeffrey Merryman, deputy chief, Alexandria, VA, Fire Department, was sworn in as the new Chairman of the FDSOA Board of Directors during its annual meeting in...

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IAFC Urging Immediate Action on Roadway Safety

IAFC Urging Immediate Action on Roadway Safety The International Association of Fire Chiefs is urging all fire chiefs and officers to issue a safety and survival alert this week on roadway safety. February 4, 2019 News IAFC The International Association...

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Protecting Body and Mind

Fire Apparatus Magazine chief concerns | Richard Marinucci Protecting Body and Mind Being a firefighter can be harmful to one’s health, and this comes as no surprise to anyone. Firefighters are asked to work in hazardous environments that are never exactly alike and...

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WV Fire Chief: Opioid Epidemic Far from Over

WV Fire Chief: Opioid Epidemic Far from Over Huntington Chief Jan Rader says first responders have redefined their jobs to do more than save a person's life. They're trying to help rebuild that life thanks to her Quick Response Team. Mark Shaffer January 3, 2019-The...

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FDSOA participates in team reviewing NFA safety curriculum

During the summer of 2018, the FDSOA and several other diverse and passionate fire service professionals, were invited to participate in a safety curriculum review at the National Fire Academy. The team of subject matter experts in areas of mental health, physical...

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The NFFF is working on our Fire Service Behavioral Health Management Guide, and they are hoping that you can help them with collecting of some resources.

  1. They are looking for samples of SOPs/Protocols/Best Practices that fire departments have concerning behavioral health. Things like EAP confidentiality, peer support team information, etc. They would not use anything in the guide without the fire department’s permission. And they may just adjust some of the language from the documents for use in the Guide.
  1. They are looking to include some first-hand accounts of experiences with behavioral health. These can be anonymous as far as coming from “a fire chief” or “a firefighter” or can be something more specific like “a volunteer fire chief.”

Please, send Rick Best <> any documents or input you may have available to you.

The Fire Department Safety Officer Tribute

While firefighters strive to get the job done, the fire department safety officer ensures we’re #1.
While operating on a scene, from above or below, survival is our mission, starting centuries ago.
The fire department safety officer: that “tap on the shoulder”
Works hard in their job, to ensure we get older.
Operating to remind us, before conditions worsen,
The safety officers mission, albeit it a challenge….each and every person.
Often thankless and difficult, they may feel alone,
But we salute their efforts, to insure we all go home.

By: Billy Goldfeder