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2021 Fire Apparatus, Safety and Maintenance Conference
2021 Health and Safety Conference

Planning ahead  – 2021 Both conferences will be held at the

TradeWinds Island Grand Hotel


TradeWinds Island Grand
5500 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach, Florida 33706

Rooms starting at $169.00 USD per night

Apparatus – Monday – Wednesday (half day), January 18-20
, 2021, PreCon Sunday
Safety – Wednesday and Thursday, January 20-21, 2021, PreCons Monday and Tuesday

The Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) announces Gordon Graham, board member and cofounder of Lexipol, will be the keynote speaker Wednesday morning covering both conferences.



If you were unable to attend the Webinar
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Safety, Health and Survival Section

The annual Safety, Health, and Survival Section Award nomination period is open. See all awards and full details HERE

Chief Sandy Davis Safety Officer of the Year

Cosponsored by FDSOA and MSA, this award is presented to a safety officer who has made a significant contribution to their organization or the fire service as a whole.

Nomination deadline has been extended to 11:59 PM ET on July 24

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New Dates: Oct 30-Nov 1, 2020.


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The FDSOA is committed to providing our members and emergency responders with premier safety, and professional development training.

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A NEW program for Incident Safety Officers
who have completed FDSOA ISO Training

The 5 Reads is a class developed by the Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) for Company Officers, Incident Safety Officers and Chief Officers where they can learn to take their ability to Read 5 Critical Factors at any emergency response to the next level.

 “A real world look at how to manage the fireground from people that have been there.”

Click here to learn more about this NEW offering by the FDSOA.

Onsite EVT Training Programs

NEW EVT program, the FDSOA will bring EVT Training Programs to your location—in the USA and Canada. Programs include the most current NFPA compliant, EVT preparatory training with FDSOA-approved EVT Instructors from across North America.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This EVT Training Program is designed specifically for Emergency Vehicle Technicians, but also provides unique criteria for Apparatus Committee Members, Engineers and management.

Click here to learn more about this NEW offering by the FDSOA

ISO and HSO Academies

Looking to get certified as a Incident Safety Officer and/or a Heath and Safety Officer?

Check out the upcoming Academies

Interested in bringing an Academy to your fire department, or to your area – contact us at!

Departments can apply for training grants from the FEMA  Assistance to Firefighters Grants program to receive ISO and HSO certification courses. More information here.

See what Gordon Graham has to say about the importance of the Incident Safety Officer (ISO) and the Health and Safety Officer (HSO)!


Everyone Goes Home® Speak Up – Rich Marinucci, Executive Director, Fire Department Safety Officers Association

“Part of the role of role of the safety officer is to make sure that people are staying as focused as possible throughout their entire career, so they don’t get complacent.” – Rich Marinucci

Chief Rich Marinucci, Executive Director of the FDSOA, speaks on the importance of on-scene incident safety officers and health & safety officers who manage wellness programs in in their departments. He identifies three mindsets of firefighters – complacency, competence and cockiness — which need to be countered by on-scene and management safety officers to promote “round trip tickets” for everyone in the crew. Of the three, complacency, can lead to a lack of awareness and focus which, in turn, can lead to line-of-duty injuries and deaths that are preventable. Chief Marinucci emphasizes the safety officer’s job is largely one of keeping firefighters focused and aware.

Latest News and Information from FDSOA

Nominations Now Being Accepted for Four Safety Awards

Celebrate Contributions to Firefighter Safety The annual Safety, Health, and Survival Section Awards recognize organizations and individuals within departments, of any size or composition, who have made a significant contribution to the overall environment of health...

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Guidelines for COVID-19 Fire Station Exposure Reduction

Guidelines for COVID-19 Fire Station Exposure Reduction The Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) recommends departments put into practice the following procedures in order to reduce and/or avoid cross contamination of on-duty staff. READ FULL ARTICLE...

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Implementations for ISOs and HSOs During COVID-19

Our Board has helped to create some useful guidelines during this time. We hope that you find it helpful. Here is the PDF version Implementations for ISOs and HSOs During COVID-19 The Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) recommends implementing the...

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EVT Job Opening

City of University Park, Texas Summary The Equipment Services Technician diagnosis and repairs cars, trucks, construction equipment, lawn maintenance equipment, and related components. The technician has a large scope of work including small gas-powered equipment,...

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Resources for teaching Roadway Safety from ResponderSafety now offers Roadway Safety Teaching Topic Packages to assist instructors, executive officers, fire officers, and safety officers in teaching critical roadway safety and traffic incident management to responders from all agencies. Ten packages covering ten different topics are available



Click image to view the full NFFF 2018 Report

The Fire Department Safety Officer Tribute

While firefighters strive to get the job done, the fire department safety officer ensures we’re #1.
While operating on a scene, from above or below, survival is our mission, starting centuries ago.
The fire department safety officer: that “tap on the shoulder”
Works hard in their job, to ensure we get older.
Operating to remind us, before conditions worsen,
The safety officers mission, albeit it a challenge….each and every person.
Often thankless and difficult, they may feel alone,
But we salute their efforts, to insure we all go home.

By: Billy Goldfeder

Report: NFPA’s “Firefighter Fatalities in the United States – 2018”
Author: Rita F. Fahy and Joseph L. Molis
Issued: June 2019

Annual report on Firefighter fatalities in the US